Artist Statement

Felicity Meachem is a contemporary British artist. Shortly after completing her BA in Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton last year, she has moved to pursue her practice, now based at AWOL Studios in Ancoats, Manchester. She has since been awarded Runner Up of the Graduate Art prize 2018 for her painting ‘I’m Alright, Hiding Tonight’and has also volunteered as PR and Social Media Coordinator for Manifest Arts Festival 2019.


Burgeoning with an overload of pattern, Images sourced or appropriated from different cultures define the subject matter in her paintings, from Japanese Kimonos, African Dutch wax prints to Ancient Paracas textiles. Through a painterly fusion of pattern, she aspires to create a utopian world where all cultures can live in harmony. Meachem’s paintings wish to investigate the complex internationalism of pattern work, which she strongly believes is a cultural fabric that overlaps.


While our current situation is one of stark inequality, political breakdown, economic crisis and ecological emergency, Meachem wants to reinforce the necessity of utopia as an imaginative and critical gesture. Her paintings serveas a battleground where the anxiety and optimism of the present collide. Above all, she wants to demonstrate that whatever the difference in our culture or physical appearances, there is more that unites than divides us.

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